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Augustana Heritage Association


Hello, and welcome to the home of the Augustana Heritage Association.

The purpose of the Augustana Heritage Association is to define, promote and perpetuate the heritage of the Augustana Lutheran Church (1860-1962), merged to form the Lutheran Church in America, and then merged to become the predecessor body of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Membership in the Augustana Heritage Association is open to all those who have an interest in preserving the heritage of the Augustana Lutheran Church (originally named “Synod”).

In an excerpt from a recent A.H.A. Newsletter (Vol. 2, Number 3, Fall 2001): Dr. G. Everett Arden, in his book “Augustana Heritage – A History of the Augustana Lutheran Church”, Augustana Press 1963, says: “The Augustana Lutheran Church has embodied and represented the essentials of the Swedish tradition of the Lutheran Church in the religious life of America. The roots of Augustana are deeply imbedded in the soil of Sweden, and though there may be some arguments about whether or not Augustana may properly be called a ‘daughter’ of the Church of Sweden, there can be no argument or doubt as to the vital relationship between the two and the significant contributions which a Swedish heritage has made to Augustana and brought it to America…”

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Welcome to the Augustana Heritage Association!

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